Lithgow Lights Up

It’s been a slightly quieter time this week with some hires going out for some parties and events but nothing that needed us to stay and operate.  Normally Saturdays are busy with weddings and functions but since the hires were all set up early, we took the time to head out to Lithgow for the annual Halloween street party.

It was an absolutely fantastic night with the town coming together to celebrate.  I’ve heard all the usual arguments this week about Halloween being American so we shouldn’t celebrate it.  In actual fact, I believe it originated in Ireland and we’ve happily adopted St Patrick’s day as a day to party.  But regardless of other celebrations, I can’t see anything unAustralian about a town coming together to join in a celebration. I think that a street party is about as fair dinkum as you can get.

In Katoomba, we  have Winter Magic Festival in July every year.  It brings locals and tourists out in full force.  For some reason, when people are dressed up, they become a lot more expressive.  Maybe it’s the anonymity or maybe it’s just that they’re in party mode but whatever the reason, it’s a fun day that contributes greatly to the local community.

Halloween is no different.  In a world where we spend so much time indoors.. so much time separated from the community.. so much time in our little worlds, SURELY a day that brings neighbours out into the street to greet each other and towns finding a common interest is to be encouraged and supported. Whilst I certainly don’t agree with children going door knocking on their own, if they have a parent with them, let’s be happy that the community is joining as one to celebrate.  Most houses advertise that they are happy to participate and if you really don’t want to, a simple, no thanks will suffice.

Congratulations to the organisers of the event.  This will only get bigger every year and we at Purple Sky Productions would be more than happy to help out in any way we can. But for now, we have a lot of things to prepare for leading up to another huge weekend so here’s a few photos of the celebrations from to share with you.