Solutions for every occasion

WOW! It’s already April and what a busy first few months of 2016 it has been!

We have been out and about with Weddings, birthday parties and bands as well as finding ways to add nice finishing touches that will leave your guests feeling comfortable and welcome.

We have found some great new products that we are very excited to share with you.

With so much now in stock we have everything you will need for upcoming events like Anzac Day, Mothers Day and Yuletide celebrations as well as any parties and celebrations you may be hosting.

If you would like to find out how we can help you feel free to call and arrange a time for a chat.



Multi Height string. Vintage Sytle Globe

Multi height festoon string

Add a touch of style or romance to any occasion.

10 Bulb holders per 10m

Classic filament style bulbs.

LED Fancy Round Festoon

LED Fancy Round Festoon

Festoon lights are perfect for lighting up any celebration.

Our LED festoon lights have shatterproof globes and the cables are double insulated with weatherproof connectors for safety.

Single Pendant Droppers. Vintage style globe

Single Pendant Droppers

A colour range for every occasion.

Pink, Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, White and Black

1.2m single festoon pendant dropper

Dimmable LED Classic edison style bulbs


Ross & Hayley Wedding
Bridal Table for wedding

Bridal Backdrops

 Draping with our beautifully made backdrops, swags and skirts will transform your venue and provide the perfect setting and atmosphere for your wedding.

Carpet Runner

Carpet Runners

Create a grand entrance to any event or wedding ceremony.

 They are all 1.2m wide and come in various lengths

Color Choices Red, Royal Blue, White, Black, Pink, Purple and now GOLD

White Weddding Umbrellas

Wedding Umbrellas

Our Straight Classic rain umbrellas are the ideal backup-plan in case rain threatens your special Wedding day. 

Choose the elegant White umbrellas to match your theme of a classic White wedding. These umbrellas are suitable for brides, groom and there guests.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 10.45.19 am
Wedding Gazebo

Wedding Gazebo

Create a feature that you and your guests will remember for years to come. The gazebo is also easy to manoeuvre allowing you to place it in the perfect spot for your big day.

Great for ceremonies as couples say their vows as well as the reception area to place over the cake table.


Speakers, Microphones and Mixers

Sound Systems

Sound Systems ranging from compact to large systems suitable for wedding and corporate events, to mind blowing live concert and nightclub systems.

With a range of Microphones suitable for presenters to live bands.

Moving Lights, Wash Lights Effect Lighting

LED Lighting

Creative Lighting will bring your event to life!

Add flair to any concert or celebration with exciting lighting effects.

We offer specialised event lighting, outdoor weather proof Lighting, corporate lighting and much more.


Staging Solutions

Whether you are hosting a corporate presentation, theatre show or a rock show our staging systems are manufactured and maintained to Australian standards and are designed with matching steps, safety rails and skirting to deliver a professional touch.

Curtains and Rigging

Rigging and Curtains

We can install six metre tall drapes on a stand-alone ‘Push Up system’ or they can be installed on a truss system and flown into position.

Our drapes are handy for creating separate zones to provide backstage greenrooms and change-rooms areas as well as stage backdrops and wings.